Civil, Family and inheritance law

We can advise and guide you through any issues or aspects of law that may have a negative effect on you or your family, particularly children under the age of 18.

Here at Aran Abogados we have lawyers who specialize in family mediation, inheritance law and civil law.

Our lawyers will work to ensure that the often difficult situations created by divorce and separation are conducted via a mutually agreed procedure with the aim of arriving at a satisfactory conclusion with minimum emotional disruption to both clients and any children involved.

Our lawyers can also assist with claims for unpaid pensions, maintenance, property and inheritance issues, and paternity and access claims. If you need an expert divorce lawyer, we are your best choice.

Aran Abogados. Family lawyers in Malaga.

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Our close links to family law enables our team at Aran Abogados to offer a personal and thorough legal service helping to resolve any doubts and concerns arising before the death of a loved one.

Specifically, our advice focuses on:

  • Acceptance and renunciation of inheritances.
  • Wills.
  • Inheritance planning.
  • Representation of heirs where no will is present.
  • Transfer of assets during lifetime.
  • Legitimizing a claim.
  • Inheritance tax planning.
  • Mediation between heirs.
civil and family lawers in malaga